Taking out credit for the trip is an important issue in many German households every year. Because, 88 percent of all Germans travel every year, about 40 percent afford to travel by air. Travelers spend an average of around 960 USD per person on their vacation.

We will show you how you can get more vacation for your money through low-interest travel credit. Building on “last minute” to save money has long lost its appeal due to cost advantages. The really great travel deals are long gone at this point.

Taking credit for the trip – why is it worth it?

Taking credit for the trip - why is it worth it?

Taking credit for the trip has a “taste” for many (in Swabian terms). Vacation trips are luxury goods. Luxury should only be afforded by those who have the money to do so. This Swabian wisdom means that the majority of all German citizens have no chance to take advantage of real special offers from tour operators and airlines. At the right time, your vacation fund is still empty.

Holidays are offered at a really low price if the booking numbers are not within the predefined range of the organizers. Modern electronics decide when exactly trips with discounts of up to 50 percent and more can be booked. Tour operators and airlines continuously monitor their booking numbers. If the bookings at the normal price are below the specifications, the program automatically starts marketing measures.

The prices for all bookable spaces do not decrease, but only a small contingent with low prices ensures broad interest. Taking out credit for the trip becomes a savings model at this very moment. The special contingent usually does not reach the travel agency, through which 42 percent of all trips are still booked. Travel online at a bargain price within a few hours.

Book without regrets – secure travel places

Book without regrets - secure travel places

As a family with children, it is not easy to secure a sufficient number of places. The speed of booking is decisive for the success of the savings. Unfortunately, installment loans for cheap financing cannot be applied for and called up in real time, as would be necessary for quick bookings. The credit card has to take care of that. Nevertheless, nobody has to fear the high interest rates of the credit card companies.

The money for the booking is usually only noted on the credit card. At least until the next regular credit card statement there is time to finance the money with an installment loan. To find the right loan offer, we recommend calling up a free loan comparison. Banks regularly offer installment loans at special conditions through loan comparisons.

Saving clever vacation expenses can go on if you take out your loan for the trip using a credit comparison calculator. The majority of those interested in loans are of course now looking for a loan for a vacation with fast payouts. If you are serious about fast credit, you can use the Videoident symbol for online credit. Videoident enables legally binding loan applications within around 30 minutes.

Sample calculation – credit for vacation

Sample calculation - credit for vacation

As the statistical figures show, consumers spend around 960 USD per person on their vacation trip. With a family of four, a total of around 2,400 USD is available for travel and accommodation. The rest is pocket money for on the go. If you book cleverly as described, you can purchase a vacation trip worth 4,800 USD. Saving half sounds good, but how much does the loan cost?

If people take out credit for the trip, it is advisable not to stretch the funding. A maximum term of 12 months would be optimal, because the loan should be paid off before the next vacation. If 2,400 USD of credit were taken out for the holiday booking, the loan comparison shows 1.79 percent effective annual interest rate as a favorable interest offer that is independent of creditworthiness.

The program calculates the monthly installments at USD 201.93. Overall, the credit comparison calculator puts the financing costs at USD 23.14. After deducting the financing costs, the bottom line is 2,376.86 USD more vacation for the same money. Not only people with a good credit rating want to take out credit for the trip in order to get exclusive vacation at a bargain price.

Holiday allowance problem – small income loan

Holiday allowance problem - small income loan

Holiday pay is always transferred retrospectively together with the wages. With a good income and an adequate overdraft facility, the time of payment is not so crucial. With the exception of a few USD in overdraft interest, the retroactive payment has no effect on the holiday enjoyment. The situation is different if the income is small and the disposition therefore only opens up very limited scope.

In the past, workers could simply go to the payroll office and have their vacation pay paid out in cash. Unfortunately, cash income payments are becoming increasingly rare for companies. Taking out a loan for the trip would be an alternative. Only regular bank loans require an impeccable credit rating and an attachable share of income. Nevertheless, nobody has to cancel their vacation because the vacation allowance is a long time coming.

Great Bank from Berlin offers the microcredit ($ 100 to $ 3,000 loan volume) with fast payouts. A attachable share of income would also not have to be proven. From a regular salary of 500 USD, a loan can be granted. The company even promises quick credit for first-time applicants. It would be possible to take up to 500 USD in credit for the trip and repay it in 30 days.