Your bathroom renovation loan can be financially viable so that you end up paying back less than you started. But even without a repayment subsidy, 0.75 percent APR and fixed interest rates over ten years sound really tempting, don’t they?

We want you to renovate your bathroom to save interest. To do this, we present the possible credit options. It starts with the publicly funded renovation loan from Nice lender. (Reconstruction Credit Institute). But we also do not want to omit loan offers for experienced do-it-yourselfers and problem solutions.

Bad renovation loan – use promotional loans

Bad renovation loan - use promotional loans

People looking for a bathroom renovation loan don’t just want to do superficial cosmetic repairs. The old bathroom will be gutted, newly insulated and sensibly prepared for the needs of old age. The state has launched various loan support programs for precisely this purpose. The energy-efficient housing renovation and age-appropriate renovation are supported by loans.

It would be possible to apply for up to 100,000 USD (maximum 30 years term) per residential unit. Targeted individual projects could be financed with up to 50,000 USD in promotional loans. (Loan program 151). The bathroom renovation also fits into the loan program 159 for the age-appropriate renovation. The aim of this loan is to create more living comfort in old age through accessibility.

Regardless of which loan is suitable for bathroom renovation for the individual case, the interest rate is the same for both programs. 0.75 percent APR is granted with a maximum term of 30 years. The interest would be fixed at 10 years. In addition to the cheap loan, Nice lender grants a repayment subsidy.

Up to 30,000 USD in grant could be requested through program 430. – The maximum subsidy being calculated from combined funding offers. If “only” over 151 were financed, the maximum subsidy would be capped at 27,500 USD.

What’s the catch with the promotional loan?


Temptingly low interest rates and generous grants on top of that are the bright side of the coin for publicly funded loans. The downside, like all public credit measures, is the rules. A handyman plans a well-done bathroom renovation within a few hours. Numerous guides on the Internet help him shoot cold bridges and install everything in accordance with the regulations.

If the bathroom renovation loan comes from public funds, the handyman may put the pencil aside. The tool case will accumulate dust. The state already specifies the energy consultant in the planning stage. Quickly “just on vacation” does not work either, because all applications must be submitted before the measure begins. For almost the entire measure, implementation by professional craft businesses is mandatory.

After completion of the work, the success of the measure must be confirmed within a tight time frame. If you still want to risk it, you can save additional interest if you finance online. The loan is not requested from Nice lender, but from any commercial bank. Some online banks waive part of their commission and thus allow them to save additional interest.

Loan for home improvement – or anyone who doesn’t like bureaucracy

Loan for home improvement - or anyone who doesn

As tempting as the interest and the subsidy may be, the Nice lender loan for bathroom renovation is not worth it for everyone. If you don’t want to outline half the house but just want to renovate a bathroom, you don’t need gigantic loan amounts. With DIY (Do It Yourself), the ordinary handyman can also save the energy consultant. Google provides the right free advice free of charge.

Without the expensive construction professionals, a proper bathroom renovation becomes a very moderate loan request. The wish as a loan with a land register entry would be particularly favorable to fulfill. All providers grant the best interest if the loan debt is entered in the first place and the total volume is below 60 percent of the loan value. If that’s too much effort, use a loan without a land register.

Real estate ownership alone strengthens the creditworthiness for lending. Cheap, purpose-built loans, even on a large scale, are not difficult to find. The bathroom renovation loan is applied for via a free loan comparison. Three mouse clicks are enough to get a comprehensive overview. The offers from intermediaries could also be interesting.

In the case of regular loans, it is different than the medial reduction in credit intermediation to credit without Schufa would suggest. Regular loans at special conditions are what the brokerage business lives on. If the intermediary cannot propose a cheaper offer, the attempt at least cost nothing.

Bathroom renovation – despite high liabilities

Bathroom renovation - despite high liabilities

“Fresh” buyers of old buildings often have no time to wait until the loan to buy the house is largely paid off. Bath renovation is difficult to postpone if calcified supply lines rob the water pressure or the drains no longer function properly. In this situation, real estate ownership does not offer additional creditworthiness, but becomes a burden.

With the additional loan with high debts, no bank wants to line up behind the other creditors with its bathroom renovation loan. Serious alternatives with greater risk tolerance are required.

In difficult situations, we recommend applying for a bathroom renovation loan through good credit lenders. The credit portal has been providing serious loans from private to private for years. At the same time, commercial credit providers are involved through good credit lenders.