Credit for 2 people is a serious means of realizing great common desires. Because, if two people apply for credit together, the mutual creditworthiness is higher than that of the individual.

We would like to inform you in such a way that you make optimal use of your creditworthiness and finance joint projects at low interest rates. Nevertheless, we cannot give unlimited advice on loans with co-applicants and name alternatives.

Credit for 2 people – shaping the future together

Credit for 2 people - shaping the future together

Couples choose each other to shape the future together. Family happiness often begins with a loan for two people. Building a house is high on the wish list of young couples. Only a few applicants can prove that they have sufficient credit ratings to grant a home loan.

Fulfilling the big credit wish for two is much easier. Even before the children fill the house, the timing would be optimal. Good creditworthiness through two full-time jobs not only makes it easier to grant loans, but often also offers interest rate cuts. The house or condominium are only prime examples of a loan with two people.

Financing the world tour or a common hobby would also be conceivable. The decisive factor is not what the loan is taken for, but that it is a common goal. If only one participates, then the sense of joint borrowing is wrong. Shared credit always serves common goals.

Applying for a loan together – not a matter of course

Applying for a loan together - not a matter of course

Even legal marriage does not oblige couples on a larger scale to stand up for a partner’s decisions. An exception to automatic joint liability would be the baker’s loan for the rolls. In the case of bread rolls, mutual consent and common consumption can be assumed.

The rental agreement for the shared apartment already counts who is in the rental agreement. Due to this legal situation, couples are more often embarrassed to receive a request for a loan for 2 people. Regardless of the creditworthiness of the actual applicant, the bank wants to reinsure itself.

A clever move from the lender’s perspective. Instead of an individual, two people are now liable for the loan with their income. If an RSV is also sold, the bank can rub its hands twice. She now receives double commission from the insurer and has two independently liable borrowers as debtors.

Spouse as co-applicant is avoidable

Spouse as co-applicant is avoidable

In this case, everyone can only be advised not to sign everything that banks require in their loan terms. The co-applicant, provided the borrower has sufficient personal creditworthiness, could be avoided by simply changing the provider. Only a few banks take the security aspect to the extreme when it comes to “normal” credit requests.

A free loan comparison not only leads to low interest rates from regular credit providers, but also to fair, comparable loan terms. Submitting a loan application online takes only five minutes. The money can be in the account within 48 hours if the videoident has applied for it. There is no good reason to expose the partner to an avoidable liability risk because the bank wants it to.

Family ties – good reasons for the assumption of liability?

Family ties - good reasons for the assumption of liability?

Unfortunately, it is not always the credit conditions that make the co-worker necessary from the bank’s perspective. In the event of a lack of creditworthiness, a loan is only granted if a guarantor or co-applicant assumes liability. Nevertheless, there are clear boundaries to be drawn. Realizing credit requests by the co-applicant even though the borrower cannot afford the loan is unfair.

If a self-employed person does not get a loan, then his business idea is obviously not sufficiently promising or not supported by convincing facts. The entrepreneur is solely responsible for both. It is his job to run the business in such a way that such situations do not occur. Nevertheless, there are exceptions.


Credit for 2 people, only to help each other, are a sign of family ties in exceptional circumstances through no fault of your own. Examples would be parents who help the child to finance the first self-paid car. The trainee can pay the loan with the salary of a trainee, only the creditworthiness is missing. The loan for the funeral would go even further.

Pensioners are unable to get a loan, or it is very difficult. No loan can be paid off from the widow’s pension. In this case, the children are asked. In order to preserve the surviving spouse’s self-esteem, the loan is applied for 2 people. However, only the children are responsible for the repayment.

Taking credit on your own initiative – despite poor creditworthiness

Taking credit on your own initiative - despite poor creditworthiness

Despite increasing demands on creditworthiness for lending, nobody has to rely on a guarantor or co-applicant. People who can prove that they will pay their loan safely will find reputable deals online.

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