You probably do not remember this article where we warned of aggressive marketing at Christmas time. But more and more the news shows us that we have forgotten. That aggressive marketing has brought more credit and more consumption (and less savings). In this article we want to talk about alternatives to get away from aggressive marketing and thus save money.


Make your Budget

Watch out for the TV

Before deciding on a purchase you should see if this purchase fits with your family budget. Never forget that marketing will only tell you the good things. It will never focus your attention on the price and cost of that purchase. And that is where the prudent consumer should pay close attention. Do not buy products you do not need. Do not buy products that you can not afford . Avoid products and services that will not add anything to your life in a lasting way.


Watch out for the TV


Television is the medium par excellence for advertising to enter your home. We do not advocate here that you do not watch television but rather that you choose well the way you watch television. For example, you may see deferred programs or recorded programs, which will allow you to skip intervals and advertising.

The use of television should also be moderate when we talk about our children. Let’s watch them watch less television. Watch more movies or DVDs. Avoid traditional channels (Panda, Disney, etc) because they are constantly passing ads of something we do not need minimally.


Beware of Non-Interest Credit

Beware of Non-Interest Credit

Many large retailers sell their products associated with “payment facilities”. If you can not pay the full amount why not pay in “Smooth Installments” and no interest?

Be very careful with interest-free credit . Not having interest, it is not dangerous because it makes it possible for you to buy products you do not need and products that are too expensive for your family budget. Otherwise he would have the money to bear them. Attention: this is not to say that interest-free credit is always bad. It may even be good if you can make an essential purchase. However, we know that we often look more for the monthly installment and not so much for the cost of the loan. And what happens when we add up to several of these monthly installments?


Credit Card is your Enemy

The use of credit card increases a lot in the holiday period and near Christmas. It is the most visible face of easy credit. Unfortunately, credit is easy to obtain but it becomes very difficult to eliminate. Incidentally, if you do the math, minimum credit card payments often imply that the amount of debt increases every month (so if we consider here commissions and other “hidden” costs, the danger is even greater).


A Quick Tip

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Why not give your family the financial reassurance they need to live this period? Easy credit has to be eradicated. We must eliminate the difficult debts before we can start to spend money and consume. Yes, we are more optimistic. Retail sales rise and consumption has been pulling in the economy. However, this consumption should be done with your feet on the floor and avoiding easy credit. We have alerted you to strategies to wipe out your credit card where we show it is possible.